There's a myth out there that the real estate market slows or even stops in December. Not in San Diego. Our market is 24/7/365! It may seem counterintuitive, but the holidays are actually an excellent time to sell your home!

Here are our top 8 reasons WHY:

1. Serious Buyers: 
People who are looking to buy a home during the holidays are serious about finding their new residence! There may be fewer serious buyers out there in general, but the ones who are looking are ready and wanting to buy. They're not messing around.

2. Low Supply: 
Typically during the holiday season there are fewer homes for buyers to look at, which means there's less competition for the attention of those buyers! Once the holidays end and the new year begins, the supply of homes generally goes up. More inventory can mean more competition, longer days on market and potentially less money for your home.

3. Sell High, Buy Low: 
If want to buy a home in the 2017 spring market, selling now (and potentially renting short term) gives you the chance to be a non-contingent buyer when you're ready to purchase in the spring. This is ideal. Since the spring time will bring more buyers into the marketplace for you to compete with, now you are set up as a "great buyer" who can compete with anyone, without a pending home to sell!

4. Holiday Decor: 
The holidays bring out the best in a home, when it's all decorated and dressed to the nines! Your home will show beautifully, decked out in wreaths, red bows, and white lights! I particularly love the winter scents of pine and cinnamon. Plus, the holidays can provide that emotional connection to a home that will help a buyer feel more attached and pay your asking price.

5. More Time: 
While your first instinct might be that people are too busy during the holidays to look at homes, think again! Many buyers may have less demanding schedules during the holiday season and much more time off during Christmas as opposed to a normal work week. Especially the case for relocation buyers... this is one of the best opportunities for a seller! They need to purchase and only have a short time to find their new home before 2017 begins. (Check out tip #8!)

6. Scheduling Control: 
Don't worry—if you're selling, you can still enjoy the holidays as usual! You can limit home showings to when you're comfortable.

7. Move in the Spring: 
You can sell during this prime holiday season, but still not have to worry about moving until January or February, well after the holidays are over. You can negotiate a longer closing period or a possible rent-back option if needed.

8. Capture the Relocating Buyer: 
January is infamous for being a time when employees begin new jobs. Oftentimes, when someone is transferred to a new position, they need a home, and they need it ASAP! This means you need to be on the market during the final months of the year to capture this unique buyer opportunity.

I'd love to help you list your home for the holidays! You can contact me here.