💥Top tips, tricks and ideas to get your home ready for an open house plus obtain great feedback & interest from potential buyers!💰


Begin to let go emotionally to the attachment you have to your home. Once your home is live, on the market, it becomes a “product”.

Also, think about who your target market might be, depending on what kind of neighborhood you live in, etc.

Then grab a pen & paper and walk through your home with a note pad. Jot down your home’s problem areas and once you have finished your list, talk with Maggie, she will help you prioritize them!

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Clean your home top to bottom.  De- clutter, de-personalize and neutralize your home as much as possible. Clean out and organize closets along with other storage areas. Clear off all countertops.

Fix what is broken; maybe a light switch, a leaky faucet, a burned out light bulb, or a broken/old window.

PAINT! This is one of the most cost-effective ways for your home to show well. It will immediately freshen and brighten up your space and potential buyers will appreciate it!

Consider updating/replacing your flooring and light fixtures 📲 Call Maggie! Her years of experience will pay off before you dive into projects around the house! ☎️ 619-800-1145


Now that you have tackled some of the larger projects, work room by room (much less overwhelming) to stage, fine tune and dress up your home. 

Start with curb appeal and the entryway. Then work through the home. Finally, end in the backyard/outdoor space.

Keep it fresh, clean and minimalistic. This will allow each potential buyer to envision their furniture, their family, etc. enjoying this space to the maximum.


Open all curtains, drapes & blinds ~ Let all the natural light in and please turn on all the lights.

Don’t forget to do a quick walk through prior to leaving.

Please arrange for pets to be away from your home during the open house.

Hide all medicine & prescriptions.

Put away any jewelry, valuables, (e.g. laptops, iPads, iPods, etc.) and items that hold great sentimental value.

Vacuum the night before or morning of the open house and empty both the washer and dryer of any laundry.

Set the dining room or kitchen table if you have particularly nice linen or china.

Re-visit the kitchen and bathroom. Wash & put away dirty dishes and put out fresh towels in the bathroom.

Leave the house during the showing so buyers don’t feel uncomfortable. Please keep Maggie informed of your whereabouts in case an offer materializes.

Applaud yourself for all your hard work!